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Mayday Concert in Singapore on 4 Jan 2009
Sunday, January 25, 2009 / 4:41 PM

Hey friends! Sorry for the long wait! =D

This blog is about Mayday’s concert (五月天 [真正的快乐] 新歌飙唱会)in Singapore at Stadium Green @ Singapore Indoor Stadium on 4 Jan 2009 (Sunday) ~ *It has been three weeks from 4 Jan~*

NOTE: IF U DUN WAN TO READ MANY 废话s, SCAN THRU FOR THE BIG RED TEXT THAT SAYS ‘START’. =] read till the big red text that says ‘END’~

This concert ticket has been sitting in my Mayday “Poetry of the Day After” (《后。青春期的诗》) album for quite some time. Taking it out at times. Hmmm, 好treasure哦~

It has been a while since Ivy (Radio YES 93.3fm DJ) came to my sch SP for the exchange of tickets. Really lucky wor~ Rmb last time I was late for about 30min coz in IDEA class. Luckily e ppl still there, n got my ticket, hehe~ no need to go for the 28 Dec `08 de le~ thanks for coming to our 校园s wor~


SMSes / Messages I saved
Note: (*XXXXXXX*) – It’s wad I juz added now, not in my saved messages.

4 Jan 12.52pm (sent):
To Xiaofen: Ya going. M0ving off soon~ reach there early.. Mum travelling with me, she scared I get lost. Ha! Oh ya, wana sms u but I 4gt.. So u not going? Such a waste!...

4 Jan 3:05pm (sent):
To Xiaofen: 到现场了…

4 Jan 4:56pm (sent):
To Chuying: Wah! They come le! Alrdy prepared long ago ba. Heard they testing e music juz nw. They now alrdy singin (I 4gt e title). Bt cant c a ting yet. Alrdy high! Woohoo

4 Jan 5.35pm (saved):
Mum waited for me till 4plus pm.
Tshirt for $30+, cap $26. lightstick $6, get poster.
Test trhxn de starting music, then wrong key.
4plus reaching 5pm sing ren sheng hai hai
zhi zu (hao xiang not XH sing de, or his voice change) wow, change some keys
felt tt some of e ppl cheated..
(ticket n stamp)
rock music, duno wad song (not chinese)
“1 2 1 2 1 2 3 GO” kp repeating bt only music
giv impact sweets
duno who mayday is talkin to..

4 Jan 5:53pm (saved):
5.35pm> Familiar music w/o song, after wor-wor-wor, then he sang wen rou.
5.43pm>夜訪吸血鬼 (I noe itz new sg bt I cant rmb title at 1st) full music bt some words sung nia
till 5.53pm> they tried 2 times of yfxxg (*夜訪吸血鬼*)

4 Jan 6.13pm (saved):
Plays English songs, then play ‘cai bu tou’.. Tinkin eh? Got invite DD (*丁当*)!?
Sing zhrm (*走火入魔*) then!? =O
wah! Then I heard ‘xie xie’ (*female voice*) Hmm lol.
Hpe reali so~

4 Jan 10.49pm (sent):
To Chuying: Hey hey~ now juz ended! OMG! So enjoyable, buhaha~ sing many many old songs too. Ok, ttz all I can say. Leave e surprises to my blog. Bt memory loss, cant rmb fully n in order.. Haiyaya.. Lol. I now no voice liao, haha~ now waitin 4 bus..
(*hmm I sent exactly same msg to Jia Yi*)

4 Jan 11:06pm (saved):
6.30 let us in. Vip/media 1st. Everyone in front ran v fast..
Start at abt 8.15pm, end at abt 10.35pm.

4 Jan 11.29pm (sent):
To Mum: Takin bus 16, I duno where is bus 11. Not sure if correct. If u pick me up, where to meet??


On e previous day, I intended to move off home at 12pm, after 883 Popchart. In e end, move off only at about 1.25pm, listening to more than half of 933 rank too. Kept checking bag to make sure i've brought the album and the concert ticket. so scared only realise 4gt to bring when reached there. (怕到了那里才发现没带票) *nervous laa*

So started travelling with Mum - bus & mrt. Listened to 933 n 1003 rank while travelling. Noted e ranks on hp. when on the train, cant receive when it went underground, so i missed some rankings for 1003. Alighted at Kallang. after tapping card there, got quite a no. of ppl there, hmmm, i wonder who are the ones going for e concert too?

Know must take bus 11, walked around but can't find a bus-stop with the bus 11. so in e end, we decided to board a taxi~ mum so funny, kept telling e driver 4gt how to go, last time got go b4, but it was long ago, when she was a student. she kept repeating that! brrr`

arrived at indoor stadium in less than 10min, fare is abt $5.
when reach there, not really sure which is the exact spot. then in frnt got ppl... on the left side of the wall, oso got the sign showing Mayday sth.
hmmm wow, alot of ppl le. there's place for ppl to start lining up. ppl in frnt are sitting down de. at e last row, only about half filled. at the entrance got 1 or 2 persons who's 'guarding' there. i took out my CD album then e ticket. let e person see e ticket, then got a stamp on my hand. sat down. mum asked me to cut queue, if I rmb correctly. but of coz i didnt -_- mum sat bside me but on e outside, intending to go off if got ppl 'scold' her, but in e end no one scolded...

when settled down, it's about 3pm. (refer to overview)
on the left hand side, there's ppl queuing up, i duno for what... mum went to see. oh, selling T-shirts and caps, etc. so mum went there to see, but didnt buy a single thing of coz, just 凑热闹. hmmm.

mum kept scared i haf not enuf water to drink, then wan to go buy water. at e store there, a small cup sells $1.50, then she dun wan le. she went to 7-11, duno haf to walk for how long, to buy mineral water. she came back, realised that e bottles are diffi to open, she walked back to ask e storeperson to open. HMMM. wah, legs not pain cai guai.

eh, at tt time i alrdy carrying umbrella while sitting on e floor to wait.
ate one of the two hotdog bread i've brought. i realised some ppl got poster (mayday) after buying things, but some dun haf. i said this out, then mum asked me if i wan ah. i said no. but still she went there to see again. oh! must buy e lightsticks for $6, then can get e poster. duh, of coz. she also see e shirts are for $30, caps $26. EACH~ hmmm, exp, but eh! Ashin's design sia!!~ ^^
anyway, e poster is so small... as compared to flh de. woots~~ e size of mayday members in it v small too, same as e album cover de...

mum at 1st said wana wait with me until i went into e "stadium", lol. it might be 8pm. buhaha. hmmm then she left at abt 4plus pm, after saying wana go off le many times. hmm. (i wont mention about e thing she asked me to do, which i surely dun dare de. lol)

ahhh n so, i continued to wait at there alone, sian.
ohya, CY smsed me n asked me if can take photos at stadium green. i said cant... but anyway, i didnt bring camera. oso told her a little on e situation at e place.

after a while, i heard music. mayday testing e instruments, i think. heard trhxn starting music. then stopped... sdnly ppl said, "they have come!" then i heard e person in frnt of me (guy) shouted "A XIN!" lol. but i cant see a single thing... too short hah. *eh duno how to describe e scene but we are not facing e stage, we are outside...*

At 4plus reaching 5pm, they sang 'ren sheng hai hai'. i sang along but cant rmb of e title at 1st. wah, they alrdy speaking, asking us to get high, sing along, etc.~ i think only rehearsing wad they going to say bah. anyway, considered can get v high le~ smsed CY, hehe. (refer to overview)

sang a little of trhxn. sing zhi zu (hao xiang not XH sing de, or his voice change) wow, change some keys.
felt tt some of e ppl cheated.. (ticket n stamp)
maybe re-use the ticket for different ppl among their frens (not sure if this is possible leh)

Asked us to squeeze!!~ Well, there are two sides - 1 is VIP/MEDIA, 1 is PUBLIC... like me~
rock music, duno wad song (not chinese)
“1 2 1 2 1 2 3 GO” kp repeating bt only music. *later during e concert, i then know it's "showing off" of their musical instruments (solo performance)*

then a female gave out IMPACT sweets to us, in a small box de. mine is Peach Mints. opened n ate. =D

then... duno who mayday is talkin to.. rehearsing bah.

5.35pm > Familiar music w/o song *means i cant rmb title at tt time*, after wor-wor-wor, then he sang wen rou.
5.43pm > 夜訪吸血鬼 (I noe itz new sg bt I cant rmb title at 1st, tot itz ‘ru yan’ =.=) full music bt some
words sung nia. *Ashin must "save" his voice*
till 5.53pm > they tried 2 times of yfxxg (*夜訪吸血鬼*)
till 6.13pm > Plays English songs, then play ‘cai bu tou’.. Tinkin eh? Got invite 丁当 wor!? hoping they will sing 'zhou huo ru mo' then!? =O wah! Then I heard ‘xie xie’ (*female voice*) Hmm lol. Hpe reali so~ well, think got her la... ^^

so continued to sit there. wah, felt a lil sleepy. close eyes. hmmm, at there, oso got sun. 晒啊!haiz. but worth e wait. GEEX!

At about 6.20pm, they started playing e album songs out loud~ at 6.30pm, they let us in, VIP/Media 1st, then public. Most of them ran v fast! *scene was quite funny* oh ya, the situation there was lik this… we needed to get our bags get spot-checked! Outdoor drinks and food not allowed. so either throw it away, put it aside, or stuff into mouth. ^^ There’s also a person giving fans (扇子), quite many 4gt to take it, and ran back to take it, lol.

n so we started to walk in. im still not sure really cant bring in food, actually. then i saw some of e ppl in front taking out their food n eating, after hesitating, i did so too. took out the hotdog bread n stuffed it into my mouth. whew, 幸好来得及~ i saw ppl taking out water bottle and i did so too, thinking cant bring bag into the field. at outside, they collected our concert tic de tearable part. wah, anyhow tear de. "dun u tear my mayday pic!" (不要跟我撕破!)

then really checked our bags. oo, so can bring own bottle, but bought from outside de haf to put aside at e table there. then i took out e mineral bottle lo~~
hmmm didnt 4gt to take e fan~ then i ran a little too. follow suit aha~
so i stood at e middle, thinking it shld be e best place to see them bah, based on experience. wah, a little being blocked, since im short T.T but still okay la~ =)

omg, in a while, someone started screaming softly. guess wad!? got centipedes/worms in the grass! yew, omg~ i thought, die, ltr need to keep looking out and care about the worms, then cant conc on their performance le. (my mind is thinking of Ashin only, actually =P) if i've known itz grass field patch there, i would have worn track shoes. wad i was wearing was slippers! no cover T.T well, the girls (i think they all in a group de) shared newspapers and plastic bags on the ground. wah, still i didnt have any cover. so for as long as the sky is still bright, i kept looking out for the small creatures. *scary* of coz when it turned dark, cant see le. so dun care~

e album still playing of coz~ gt sing out softly a little.
i think almost everyone got a warm-up when it's playing track 12 >> 笑忘歌. many of us sang~ though not really as a whole, but so 温馨!i found our 合唱 quite nice. Hehe~
after that track, it plays the whole album again. *Still so early! Sighs...*
for track 2 "scys shyx", of coz we sang chorus only. think some other songs oso chorus nia. still many sang till the last track. then there's a pause! many shouted oo, ahh, yay, etc., thinking that it was going to start. then everyone got disappointed again, coz it started to play the album again (trhxn music). ahhh! haf to wait again.

ohya, previously when there's someone who took photos from the stage, almost everyone held up their fans and lightsticks. *hoping to get captured!?* lol. i think i didnt. hmmm.

the screen also shows about Mayday's concert in SG on 29/8/09 + details. from now till duno when can pre-order the concert tickets le. got 10% discount. etc. oso got show 陈绮贞de concert. humph, not interested. a guy bside me told his fren tt he wana go. last but not least oso got show 纵贯线 de concert.
then kept showing those ads le...

START of concert

(The links will be opened in another window. 放心地按吧!
most unclear~)

then so after trhxn, oh yay, e songs stopped playing~ time for their performance, yoohoo! shouted "WU YUE TIAN"!!! then e screen shows their vid or sth. then, of coz evyone shouted when ASHIN appeared!!! with his guitar. that was arnd 8.15pm =)

Note: Thruout e concert... For all the songs (except 2 of them which i duno), i sang along, so didnt really hear him/them sing. 哇,怎么我好像没唱歌会死的!? -.- n i oso waved the fan [扇子] into the air as well.
lol, i found out tt im always the one who cannot follow e beat... mostly too fast! ^-^ buhaha.

this first part of the concert is the most memorable de~ well, most easy to rmb. x)
they sang their hit song from 1st album to current 7th album!
(in order: 疯狂世界,终结孤单,人生海海,恒星的恒心,倔强,天使,突然好想你)
during these 7 songs, the screen showed their album covers~ from old to newest~

e 1st song… well, i didnt recognise the song immediately. wow, cool~ Ashin playing guitar! (duno y it seems rather surprising to me, coz always see him singing only) he solo-ed the chorus part 1st. after that e other members joined in, n high music. then sang along!~ saw mayday and fans jump, i oso jump. hmmm more of hopping!!?? but so tough sia... haf to control my bag as well. then i stopped le, coz feeling really weird...

hmmm, i only know how to sing e chorus (not exact lyrics). sing sing sing~ then "2 3 GO", then we went Hey!~~~~~~ "1 2 1 2 1 2 3 GO" then chorus again.. sing sing sing~~ ^^

人生海海 PART 1 PART 2
Towards the ending, during the "lalala", he kept putting his hands in mid-air horizontally, turned round n round, dancing. lols, so cute xD
(hmmm the last sentence, at e scene, i thought of writing this on the blog, but alrdy 4gt which song. well, thanks to e vid)

恒星的恒心 + 倔强
~music after 恒星的恒心 went with music before 倔强~
for 恒星的恒心, they sang shorter version than normal ba. towards the end, "等着你" (repeat) at the last 等着你, he 'pulled' the "等", then after "着", he paused a while cai sang "你"~~
then linked to 倔强 de music. in front is slow, then when chorus is nearing bcum faster le~ yoof!

*soothing!* sing with music, unplugged for abt 1 min Ashin sang a line of it w/o music. few moments, he juz sang "to himself" w/o the use of mic. towards e ending some words substituted as "la la la". eh y bcum female voice!? hmmmm. (when watching e vid, i think is Ashin not singing, the rest of members play their instruments, n e voice are frm fans? o.O

after 突然好想你 (nth to comment abt. itz great, of coz!), it's talking time~~

Talking 1
Ashin: 新年快乐!(then we all shouted 新年快乐 too) Erm... *looks down, hands scratches back of head* (we shouted to 鼓励 him) 今天演唱会之前本来非常紧张的。那... 但现在都好多了,然后首先感谢大家,不过(we shouted oo) 不过为什么,待会儿再想起来好了。*laughs* 接下来,我们今年...er 今天晚上还有很多的歌曲,我们难得在这样子的星空下,在这样的晚风里面一起唱歌(shouts)接下来要唱的这首歌呢,要消灭一种人,哪一种人咧/类。今天大家来到演唱会啊,然后待会儿从这个后面的门出去回家的时候啊,希望大家带着一个礼物回去,就是快乐。所以今天呢,大家都要快快乐乐地回家,所以现在要来消灭的这种人叫做不快乐的人(shouts) 你不是真正的快乐!**cheers**

**if u are wondering y i can rmb e speech so well. haha lol, me is type when watch the vid on utube de. but yeah i can rmb what Ashin said, not exactly of coz.

sing sing sing~ towards the end...
你值得真正的快乐 你应该脱下你穿的保护色 为什麽失去了 还要被惩罚呢 能不能就让悲伤 全部结束在此刻
their music pauses. Ashin sang out loud (or shouted?!) "重新开始活着" [opps! 破音了啦!-难道你还不怕(被批评)吗?- well, 好用心哦!] according to 晚报, 文章写"在唱《你不是真正的快乐》时还有小走音,但整体表现仍算不错。"
then sang 知足~ I think.

After this song, he began to introduce Ding Dang. “让我们欢迎我们的小师妹,丁当!”then MD disappeared.
oh haha, so my earlier question has been answered, really got her, woots~ She brought a total of 3 songs - Crazy in Love, 我不怕, 猜不透. hmm i only know n love 猜不透!

for Crazy in Love, she sang and danced with some dancers. wow, quite sexy, n her outfit. =O for 我不怕, i think for the 2nd verse, roughly know e tune le... then she talked. wad i rmbed: “今天很开心能跟五月天一起在新加坡演出。这是我第一次来到这里。... 接下来要唱《猜不透》。会唱的朋友一起唱好不好?”n so, sang 猜不透. really nice! =] however hor, i noticed one thing, from the big screen, 好像对嘴leh (mouth doesnt match with what she sang). hmm after tt 五月天跨年incident, i've been overly suspicious... well, dun care la =X 应该不会吧...
at the end she sang w/o music, leading us to sing with her. hmm quite weird...
ok end of her turn. she's quite rocker too. hmm same company la.


* what i wrote after here is not in exact order *

孙悟空 - e starting music is quite long before they started to sing~
for a while towards the ending, Ashin sang the 1st part of chorus line ... hao xiang didnt open his mouth... then lik wad i always seen on mayday's performance on TV, Ashin sang facing Guai Shou~ btw, e words shown on the screen were so powerful! flashing the lines (chorus) they were singing at the moment, breaking e sentences la [如果要让我活 让我有希望的活 我从不怕爱错 就怕没爱过 如果能有一天 再一次重返光荣 记得找我我的好朋友] rock man!

春天的呐喊 (video starting from 5:04)
Words shown on the screen: Be Rock!  their (e) icon 爽、不爽、呐喊
After starting of verse 2, he (Ashin) sdnly did "weird" actions to get high~ turned around in circles, jumping, etc. lol, so cute~ at the last part, e "woo! woo!" part he raised his hands~~

hmm i duno this song, so feeling quite weird. halfway (or at the starting), they performed their individual solos - in order - 石头,怪兽,e keyboard person, 玛莎,阿鼓。in between the individuals, they go "1..2.. 1..2.. 1 2 3 GO!!! " (oh haha! so this is what they did... music songs) what im thinking is, ei not fun de, coz i cant sing. but wow musical instruments / music real powerful~ Then 阿信 continued to sing 轧车~ we merely followed what he said. hmmm since it's my 1st time listening them singing this, think 1 or 2 parts quite funny. when he "cha cha cha", he did e chop hands actions~
this is what he said after his singing, (referring to video)“很好!但我只是听到前面人的声音,后面的你们睡着了吗? *shouts* 让我听到你们的声音!1..2.. 1..2.. 1 2 3 GO!" then continued he sang, we followed. "(掌声鼓励) 现在不管你是前面的还是后面的,不管你是左边的还是右边的,(LOL, quite funny!) 现在要让全新加坡人都知道今天五月天和大家今晚在这里!把你的手举起来!1 2 3 GO~" continued e singing again~ towards the end, he did a big JUMP! (his back facing us)

oh ya… duno which song, when Ashin went to the right side of the stage for the 1st time, I think all ppl de directions all directed towards the right! lols. but I noticed it.

YAY! Got sing this song~ Time to JUMP!!!
He pointed at his head when sing till "大脑". started to jump~
hmmm think nth to comment le... we kept jumping of coz, including me xD * singing~~

oh ya: e last "JUMP" x8 .... e beat did not seem to be correct. =X

Introducing themselves and feelings
石头:大家好!很高兴短短的时间之内,五月天又来新加坡跟大家见面。而且这次我们带来更多首的歌!*raises his hands* 之前都是在隔壁,对不对,就是有那个屋顶,然后都... 然后我们把这个屋顶掀翻好。在今天,这个地方真的很舒服,因为也是五月天少数在新加坡可以办这样户外的演唱会,然后今天又晚风*points up at the sky* 很热对不对?有月亮,还有你们的热情,谢谢。你们虽然很热,但是不要停止;不要停止散发你们热情,好不好?谢谢你们。*points thumbs-up sign* 后来介绍玛莎~

*我们笑* 不过冬天还好今天天气刚刚好。(*rofl, here no 冬天!*) 所以呢,今天算是很舒服啊,我觉得石头说得蛮好的。不过你看台上的几个人还是流汗流成这个样子,大家知道为什么吗?因为你们把场子搞得太热了!*喊*希望大家等一下还可以继续这么的热,就好是可以热到台上有人想要脱衣服(we shouted, he looked behind at 怪兽!who acted ignorant n looked at others, then he used his legs to kick 玛莎 LOL) 然后交给吉他手怪兽!

怪兽:大家晚安!这个...好久没有流汗,流的这么过瘾的。所以啊,就是真的特别HIGH这样子,然后大家也那么HIGH,也让我们感到很开心~ (then we shouted "脱掉!") 不可能啦!(in hokkien) 好啦,不可以不可以不可以!再脱怎么受得了啊!我刚才应该是太HIGH了吧,裤子不小心破了!裤子都破了,衣服还脱,你是要我怎样!好,那既然大家这么HIGH,希望大家能延续这个热情,一起HIGH到最后,好不好?*looks at his left* 接下来不好介绍了。

阿信!:Hello大家好!我是主唱阿信!(shouts) 今天非常感谢大家就是陪我们度过这个夜晚。刚说上台之前很紧张对吧!*对* 相信吗?都说五月天就是这么多年来做这么多次的演唱会,可是er其实每次上台都是还有一点紧张的,但我想今天是比以前还要更紧张哦! 那因为其实今天到这个新加坡我很开心啊,因为算是比较热,前一阵子台北真的是...就差没下雪了。所以其实在这个跨年的演出前几天我就是感冒了这样,那知道这个跨年演出很多人在看嘛!然后就唱得很不好。好ahem. a 我知道有朋友特别飞去台北一起跨年,一起看我破音这样*笑*那因为那天唱得很不好,那虽然说这几天又好好的休息养病,不过今天其实上来之前,看到舞台会怕、看到麦克风会怕!如果今天晚上再唱不好的话,我想我一辈子都会怕上台 *shouts* 但是在这边真的很感谢大家因为er好像到目前为止,好像还OK吧,是不是?在这边谢谢大家给我的信心,谢谢!(he bowed [90 degrees?])

“还有德市另外一个状况”B4 he said anything, we all shouted 冠佑~

Next, for me, it's the most touching part~ *goosebumps*
About Guan You's absence
Summing up what i remembered. What Ashin said:
另外一个遗憾就是冠佑不能来到新加坡。(after introducing the 鼓手 called 阿鼓...) wrote on 晚报:“冠佑像是坐上了时光机,变年轻了。”next is this part
阿鼓他本来是金头发的,不过为了演得比较像冠佑,把头发染黑了,他本来没有近视的,戴上黑光眼镜,才能比较像冠佑*laughs*那冠佑没有来的原因是... 冠佑要我转告说他很抱歉不能来到这儿见到大家,冠佑的岳父就是生病了很久,在跨年时去世了。昨晚是他岳父的告别世,所以不能来。跨年之前不停有校园演唱会,每次转头看到冠佑,他都是边哭流泪边打鼓的,很可怜!在这边,我希望大家一起大声地喊一句“冠佑加油”, 穿过大海让冠佑听到~ i think i laugh at this last part > travel thru seas to let him hear. and so, we shouted "冠佑加油".
Ashin also introduced other ppl who were on the stage.

Talking 2
Ashin: 我们四个是因为冠佑没来的意外,争取到了一段主唱(Ashin said e guy's name (士杰), turns bhind and laughs)不过下次来新加坡,你可能就没有这么爽了,除非大家要看你出来自己唱一段(the guy said 不错啊)那我们今天再预告一下就是,er今年是er (then he took out a note to read it out. LOL!!! ~笑场~)

(pic taken from bloodbubb1e.blogspot.com/2009/01/blog-post.html)

大家知道我这个一个小小的脑袋没办法记这么多东西… 五月天2009年的这个er新加坡演唱会在(hepaused, b4 he continued, we all chorused 八月二十九好) 几月?(we shouted 八月) 几号?(we shouted 二十九号)(he turned bhind to see士杰) 好那那天再看大家要不要让你爽一下。(laughs)然后er这个我们的这个er这一次办这个的户外演唱会。(then he said e company asked him to must read out the following passage. he read out abt e details of the concert on 29/8/09. *笑场*) 然后想看的朋友呢,今天晚上就要上网赶快晚上定购哦(LOL, he emphasised the word "O". omg!!! CUTE!~) 好了,念完了!........ (oo the screen shows some ppl including 933 DJ Pei Fen~) 再给新加坡滚石掌声鼓励。今天还要感谢的这个主办还有这个站住单位。让我们展现一下五月天跟大家之间的默契喔,就是er这一次的...下一次演唱会我们办更大更精彩的,就看我们之间小小的默契哦。让我们感谢Singtel(we shouted worr)这个默契真的有够小(laughs)再一次,让我们感谢Singtel, Sheng Siong, *int&sugar premix* 好这个我会帮冠佑带两盒回去,他有交待*笑* 还有Central, 新传媒YES 933, 联合晚报,我报, the show company, 还有相信音乐还有滚石唱片掌声鼓励。(in between we shouted n clapped of coz. ahem, he still reads frm his note~ =D *puts e note on the ground*) 好!er 接下来当然把重点移回大家的身上。现在大家回答我几个问题,好吗?

*hmmm, e video on utube ended here and i couldnt rmb what qn he asked...*

other videos for above:
see Ashin's expressions when he read out the note 'o'!

oh wait here are the rest~

现在跟你来的是不是你最好的朋友?(*haiz me alone*)有些人回答得很勉强哦!现在看看你左手边的,他是不是你的好朋友?现在看看你右手边的,他是不是你的好同学?(*alala, i dun evn nd to look arnd!*)不管是或不是都没关系,因为在今天晚上出了后面的这道大门之后,我相信你们就会是永远的好朋友!现在伸出你的手,牵起你左边和右边的人,好吗?(*五月天就hold hands tgt le. me only 愣住... then ask us not to be 害羞*)举高让我们看到!(*lol, then he said many "peng you" thingy~ u go see vid bah ^^*)

then didnt speak le. well, me only held my right side de person (F). hmmmm. alala. *no feeling* then 就 sing 《笑忘歌》了~
eh weird. i rmb they said some things b4 they sang de. this vid dun haf? hmmm.
well, Ashin mentioned 我们来唱属于我们的歌 (sth lik this) then me n others blur... then sang 笑忘歌. oh ya hor... ^^ so sang along then xD


出頭天 unclear

恋爱ING 1 2 / 3
(最好玩的一首歌!留着深刻的影像~ erm, this is going to be draggy, coz thatz wad they did)
See the vids, otherwise u won’t know wad im talking about de… ;)

Seeing vid – “ING” de ‘N’ Eh? he pronounced as 'n', not 'en' le~ -_-
LOL, after singing e verses n chorus, before the rap, 士杰 danced like a mad guy (written on 我报: 呈现了“非常放得开”的舞蹈)
“未来某年某月某日某时某分某秒 某人某地某种永远的心情 不会忘记此刻 l o v e”
(FUN part 来了!)

normal de "恋爱ING" has 3 slow 'L--O--V--E', then 'L-O-V-E' fast de. but this concert de so special. ahem, i think itz special coz perhaps this is my 1st time going to their concert. Most probably those who go to their concert b4 think this is common le.
then i sang the normal way. but ahhh sang wrongly. paiseh. they continued the slow "L--O--V--E" music is bom-bom-bom! Ashin only put his hands at the side w/o holding mic, n we juz continued to "L--O--V--E". then he turned bhind, made a hand sign (i couldnt see it at e scene of coz~ seen on a vid de) to bhind e ppl then e music was stopped. well, we still continued "L--O--V--E", he then used his hands to cover his face, n shook his head. our tempo got faster. me of coz only followed what others were doing, coz had no idea wad they were going to do. thinks itz funny! he continued to shake his head even harder.

Then he waved his hands, saying BYE! (!!??!!) we stopped the "L--O--V--E" and shouted/screamed... he turned behind and took a towel to wipe his face. takes the mic~ “好啦好啦好啦,我想大家也都累了,今天*shouts* 大家也都尽力了hor! 是不是就让我们说声晚安然后回去休息。He then began to sing a 晚安曲... we still kept shouting 不要!!!hmmm his vocals sound weird le. when he sang "oh baby", we laughed. more laughter when he sang 'lalala' to replace words. (hmm 4gt lyrics!!?? or dun tell me 即兴创作哦!hmm or is it in 1 of their albums? o.O) singing: 说一声晚安 - wow! he 拉长‘声’for quite some secs. wah, 好有气喔!He made e bye sign again.. the rest also put down their things, and went backstage. lights closed. oh dear~~ lol, me so stupid, thinking really haf to go home liao. -.-" we started to shout "ENCORE". then suddenly went "L--O--V--E" again~~

then 阿信 appeared again. screen showing "L-O-V-E"~ we began to "sing"~ tempo getting faster~~ then we stopped "L--O--V--E' ing " 阿信 started to duno do wad handsigns... when he raised his hands, our screams n shouts louder.. and stopped us again. then weird actions again. but *laughs* direction to the left - 怪兽 appeared. wah, quite "smoky" there. alamak, non-understandable handsigns again! but ppl still laughing~ (think me too?) pointed to the right, then 玛莎. Ahem! raising hands up n down, wanting us to shout according to the "waves". then many ppl clapped.

BACK to 阿信~ actions + 笑场~ then 石头's turn...... what he did next, i think i know e meaning... then clapped, jumped, n threw "it" (air) to 怪兽. did some marching on the spot, then went faster. jumped up! *woo!* to 玛莎~ signaled for 士杰, who then marched towards 玛莎, did an army greeting... then buhaha! **最高点!** 玛莎 lifted up 士杰's shirt, showing part of his body and more of it each time. 玛莎's expression was a :O . when he lifted almost fully, 士杰 raised up his hands, lik "AHHH". then bowed~ omg, this guy quite funny too~ n 阿信 is laughing!!! ppl shouted 阿信 next. he made a "Shhh" handsign. 玛莎 got near 阿信,wanting to lift up his shirt too!? but then he couldnt do it. again, 阿信 signaled us to shhh. and weird actions again *laugh* + shhh. n then shouted "V" (w/o mic wor!) we all chorused "V" too, for 3 times. he then pointed to 1st person, who was 怪兽, who went "L", for 3 times too. then to 玛莎... who pointed and shouted "U"。 **laughs!!!** 怪兽 then went to 'kick' him. hmm then "O". to 石头... buhaha, 石头没声音了啦!so soft like a girl… *funny* then went "E". then to 怪兽. then we went "L-O-V-E" for 4 times (怪兽 L;玛莎 O; 阿信 V; 石头 E), then music again. yay!!! btw, im "V" part, led by 阿信!!!Woohoo!!! ^_^ 阿信back to holding mic(掌声鼓励!) he led us to do "L-O-V-E" de signs again~ n saying e letters. 1 time of slow one~ then another 3 more faster "L-O-V-E"~ the 4th one is fast one, but didnt continue e song leh. he goes E..... softer n no more =X no music. then he went "恋爱ING happy ING ........." till e end. yay, finally! sang finished e whole song finally~ having lengthen for so long. though itz draggy, but had fun la! hehe! *lights off* 再次感谢大家!


soft~~~ 还你自由版 bah. great ^^


opps! another song i duno at all. =[[ but I guess it’s many people de one 1 of fav songs…
well, i guess i did wave the fan as well~

AHHHHHHHHHHHH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ended liao. 依依不舍的心情…… =[ anymore encore!!??
hmmm that was arnd 10.35pm when it ended. see hp got msg frm mum…

screen shows their vid again.. abt e same as 开场的… song played is album track 7 – 我心中尚未崩壞的地方~ aiyaya, walked out of the field. some ppl still taking photos tgt. me alone duh!

END of concert

最糗的事即将发生…. (which is I got lost! T.T) I then followed e other ppl, for I duno where to take bus. omg then they separated to two different directions… then I blur le. I juz followed go straight de. tried to look arnd, but duno where my mum had described earlier… reached a bus-stop, think only got the bus 16.
while waiting, smsed CY, JiaYi, Xiaofen. and HuiMin (?)
told XF that think e next day will go to e autograph session. I asked her to being e album if she wans…
lol, I suppose she tot itz in e morning, coz she asked me if able to reach sch on time…

at that time, I think I lost my voice alrdy, after a while, think my ears also have problem liao. I sms cy abt this n her replies make me laugh. =) “go take mc. reason: coz of md” hahas!

when the buses came, all nearly filled alrdy, cant receive many new passengers… then I think I waited till the 4th or 5th bus, then I got to board. haiyo! n so I boarded it, having SIMPLY NO IDEA where it would lead me to, which bus-stop to alight, etc.! DECLARED LOST! I juz continued the ride… =.= still continue to sms frens. at a stop, quite a lot of ppl got off, but I nt sure, so stayed put. started to get panicky when mum smsed/called me. I told her that I was on bus 16, coz could not find bus 11, also asked if where to meet if she’s going to fetch me in dadz lorry. (sms) then she called, I told her I duno where, etc. I think quite loudly, perhaps the whole bus alrdy knew I got lost or sth. e elderly on the bside of me… looked at me, I think. I juz kept saying “我不知道” *抓狂* 没有十次,也有五次…

* 这个胆子小的我连问人都不敢问….*

then she kept asking Dad which MRT station he knows how to go, so that fetch me. wadeva… in the end, I said go take taxi…. well, after ended e call, I did not alight at the next bus-stop, coz I think at there quite diffi to hail for e taxi. alighted at the next next… oso coz 1 person got off. within few minutes, got taxi n got it le… hmmm got another person inside. shld be the taxi driver’s wife (老的). at that time, 蛮感激他们的...

I said to send me to the nearest mrt station, told him go boon lay de, he said can. WHEW!!! after a while, mum called again, then told her im in taxi le (grrrr still cant stand her, at this stage still saying ltr e driver pervert de, drive me to duno where. =.- her worry frm duno when till now.) she asked me to ask e driver which station, when I asked, alrdy reached there >> “outram park”. e driver asked me to be quick, coz last train le! paid, n got e change. of coz, I didn’t care whether he gave me de correct change le. now to get to a train! at e tap card there, whew, lucky itz my line de. if duno wad to harbour front or sth, im dead.

waited for a while train arrived. wow, so tired alrdy, no seats for me ;(
wah, 好厉害噢,from kallang take bus till outram park unknowingly… quite a no. of stops in btwn.

since now alrdy safe, nth much to anxious about alrdy. continued to sms frens… then ohya hor, nearly 4gt, report to mum (向妈妈报平安….). hmmm then another qn surfaced, at BL bus interchange de last bus is what time arh!?? asked mum, etc. then her reply (I 4gt sms or call)……, she said will meet at lakeside, where dad always drive me to in e morning… oh ok. quietly continued e journey.

when reached lakeside, mum gave me a call, I turned it off, since arrived at e station le, juz few steps away… hmmm then saw dadz lorry le. 不用说,她当然一直在念、骂!不会去,还要去看什么!?下次你不要跟我去了hor! etc. aiyo, cant u give me a break!!?? T.T she oso said, tmr dun go (autograph session) hor. “WHAT THE!!??” I think I didn’t say out anything. when arrived at my blk le, when she mentioned again, said I alrdy told my fren! hmm she didn’t give any definite ans. haiz!

n so when reached home, shld be midnight alrdy. wahhhh. hmmm what a long day! tired but duno y I online till late at mdn then went to slp… *simply mad*

我想应该是永远忘不了的一天… not really lol. 老的时候,记性应该没这么好吧?! weirdly, deep impression de prob is e last part after e concert where I got lost -_-""
well, really glad got this chance to go to md’s concert! most probably the first n last concert I go to. *hope not!* 终于知道为什么说五月天很厉害搞气氛了!我最想要感到他们的live演出的两首歌就是“离开地球表面”和“恋爱ING”~ n they sang them, woots!
haiz, cant go to their 29/8 de ;(

wrote this on Ashin’s blog comments 1 day later, b4 autograph session. ^^
想要说你们昨天的演出真的是太棒了!我也是献出了第一次喔!第一次参加演唱会(虽然是户外的,但这次真的是第一次哦!)而且又是为了五月天呢!~ 参加你们的演唱会是我这辈子最大的..... 幸福,快乐!永远不会忘记这一天 二零零九年一月四日!~ 呵呵!

我真的是玩得太疯狂了!好HIGH哦!我还以为是只唱《后青春期的诗》专辑里的歌~ 原来还唱许多经典歌曲呢!真的是太棒了!哈哈~ 希望以后还有机会参加你们的演唱会!*可惜没钱到你们8月29日的!* ;(



你也不需要太紧张啦!尽力就好~ 不管怎样,我相信许多歌迷都会玩得很HIGH的!

叫冠佑加油!不要太伤心~ 昨天听你说每次拍着他的时候,他都是含着泪的~ 好心痛哦!*啊!现在我的眼又含着泪了!*

好了,就这样。希望等一下能去你们的签名会!加油加油~ 你要好好休息!
(2009-01-05 14:13:14)

pro me, hide this matter from mum for so long! that day finally told her, lucky she didn’t say nth much. if didn’t tell her, die, no excuse to give her de…
*end of blog* =D

(9141 words) buhaha xD

other pics taken from bloodbubb1e.blogspot.com/2009/01/blog-post.html

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