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933 醉心龙虎榜 25 周年街头爆唱会
Monday, July 20, 2009 / 11:38 PM

Date: 20/7/2008, Sunday, 7.30pm
Venue: IMM Garden Plaza
Guests: 林宇中、林俊杰、林宥嘉、刘力扬、叶乃文、Energy

went alone. that time i noted everything that happened on hp, in e form of smses n saved msgs. no other copies anywhere. n then hor, that hp not working! im so sad ... (lol) some day i tried on-ing e hp, it works! faster copied them dw. ^^ here goes:

6.20pm (sms)
To Hui Min: I jus reached imm. 1st time c idols n in imm alone. Not really sure what to do! A group of many ppl sitting on d floor, I duno if can anyhow sit! Sighs.

6.24pm (sms)
To Hui Min: Ya lor, one person. Mum dun wan come, say will be tiring. Hm, i sat dw on e floor le. V behind! Sure cant c! Sighs. How haf to wait 1h plus. Gt gif free i-weekly!

6.54pm (sms)
To Hui Min: Nw start le. Jiafa n ivy appeared! Once Jiafa speaks, evy1 got up n rushed to e front immediately. Ahh! I cant c! Gt to tiptoe. Reali haf to gif up take pics...

6.58pm (sms)
To Hui Min: Diao, onli speaking. Say 'dai huir zai jian', den we 'haiz'.. Omg, jus shouted e names of e artistes. see support who more. JJ's v loud! Im doing reporting. xD

7.02pm (saved)
Reached der, duno wad to d. Grp of many ppl sittin on e floor, i nt sure if can anyhw sit. Aft a while went to sit. reading magazine. jiafa and ivy appeared, tok 4 a while. say e names of e artistes n we shout. i didnt shout. energy, milk, rynn, jj, jade n yoga. getting louder. played sgs. when bo "ai dao" (flh), many oohs and ahhs.

7.10pm (saved)
Aft a while, jiafa n ivy tok again. ppl bought cd, lucky draw, win imm $58 shopping vouchers. 2 winners. urge ppl to buy e album, win presents. xiao hou zai jian.

7.35pm (saved)
pick 5 names to play games to win hp. jiafa read out lyrics, e ppl gues e song title. get most scores win e hp.

8.04pm (saved)
Energy, 天生反骨. sing n dance. cant see. another song. anr: come on. anr: 放手. anr 3 songs. interview.

8.30pm (saved)
2 members kissed each other for 25s. Tgt with 牛奶 sing 某年某月某一天. interview with 牛奶. 脱逃术. dance with female dancers. 热牛奶.

8.53pm (saved)
刘力扬 我就是这样. Tok, v low n soft. cant hear. 眼泪笑了. Yoga. Both of them sang 传说 (ori theirs), Ti Amo (ori jade n arron), 你是我心内的一首歌 (ori leehom n selina)

8.55pm (sms)
To Mum: Ok. Duno wad time will be back . Left 2 more singers. Sigh! I cannot see! Too bhind n im too short. Liling was here but i didnt meet her.
[Liling's my cousin, think she's there jus to see Jade)

9.02pm (saved)
Yoga alone. Sang 病态. Say it's e last stop, wana use finish his strength. Ppl laugh. Sang 伯乐.

9.23pm: Lyz. 干物女. 空秋千. Wow, duno tat there's so many rynn's fans. Oc jj's more. Rynn n jj sang 抢玫瑰. Sing 阿杜's 他一定很爱你. Sing 陈洁仪's 担心.
JJ. Sing n dance. J Fushion ... Beatboxing. 杀手. Talking. New album. 豆浆油条. Nxt yr 演唱会. sing 江南.

Cant see Rynn's face, Grrs!

i think i didnt pay attention at all! :O coz kept taking down notes. ;x
think ended at abt 10.10pm. got lost while searching for shuttle bus! ;o
on phone with mum n liling. then finally found it, whew! no more shuttle bus to boon lay, only jurong east de. orh ok. [i think it's this event ... ]

Photos credits: yes933 site

here's one video - Energy..

Another, Rynn & JJ!!!~
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