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Entertainment Awards 2009 Celebration Party
Saturday, March 7, 2009 / 11:59 PM

Published on 12 Oct 09

7/3 (Sat)
7-10pm - Entertainment Awards 2009 Celebration Party
@ Marina Bay Floating Platform
Guests: Show Luo (罗志祥), Raymond Lam (林峰), Cheer Chen (陈绮贞), JJ Lin (林俊杰), Joi Chua (蔡淳佳), Derrick Ho (何维健), Energy, Wu Jiahui (伍家辉), Jack Neo (梁智强), Royston Tan (陈子谦), Chou Pi Jiang (臭皮匠), Ang Moh Pai (红毛派), Kaira Gong (龚诗嘉), Olivia Ong and more.

Hey guys! Er, where’s the camera?
I find JJ’s expression specially funny~

A no. of problems before everything settled on the day b4 that (6 Mar)... last time described a little in here... anw, so in e end, went with Josephine and Jiaqiu (nv see her b4).

Jiaqiu was there alrdy when I arrived in CityHall. Both of us waited for Josephine. it was maddening as we did so. n i n her dun have much to talk to each other, both quiet. ohoh. awkward. she even asked if jose will lie to me ornt. i said wont bah, anw tickets were with me. tot of going there 1st, but then how to pass e tic to jose then. so 4gt abt it. asked if jq wans to go somewhere to sit dw 1st, then she said no nd la. wadz more, my hp's reception at e underground mrt station isnt gd! so diffi to contact jose!... finally can n she said okok, 马上到 but no signs of her. In the end, guess what, we waited (stood there lik 傻瓜s) for 3 hours!!! though she said she at there le, cant see her anywhere!! said on phone for v long b4 finally spotted each other -_-

we 3 then walked to e place. oso duno how to go there actually. "anyhow" walk. josephine called her fren to see if she knows how to go. but to no avail. i telephoned Mingyan..duno y she rejected. then some time ltr then sms say call her again, she acc. reject. we oso asked some counter de ppl. upon reaching a place that led to e Esplanade, blur again. asked a cleaner who said this. asked a counter de ppl who said that. OMG! actually there's oso another grp of ppl who got lost too. we got separated from them, then magically walked in same place again.

blah this n that. aha, n finally shld be correct le! it's pouring!! i duno for what reason, Josephine n I walked in the rain ((我在淋雨中 LOL )) while JQ opened her umbrella. a while we tot we've reached e place, but that wasnt it. walked further... finally seen many ppl queueing de place. hoho! finally reached. yewww, was wet all over~ coz gt diff grps, then duno need to queue acc to e color ornt (ours was green section).. i asked e guards, then shld be anyhw 1st. stood, then a while we sat. i didnt feel gd, coz was wet. we only talked a little..n most of e times, i duno wad to respond to what josephine was saying. i rmb we talked abt poly thingy, that im frm sp...

ahh then i saw my female cousin, she didnt see me. diffi to gesture to her too. i kept looking in her direction, then aft v long, she then spotted me. began to sms with her a little. why was i here? how i got e ticket? etc. well, i think she support SHE and/or Stefanie Sun (later i came to know she lik Cheer Chen too).
they gave us color tags acc to our tic color section... queued again. quite squeezy. (er lik a sch camp?!) i think many trying to cut queue too. cant bring water bottles, etc. inside. blahh x3.
finally got admitted inside. stairs!...
went to green seating. i saw Mingyan, tgt with Derrick Hoh's fanclub bah. she at e top. but we 3 went to e bottom seats... smsed with Mingyan. a while, she told me look up, got rainbow. i tot she's lying, but rly gt. ahaha. ohya, we r able to see e Singapore Flyer too - part of it!!~ my 1st time?

ok on that day b4 event started is abt lik this... ha, my brain still working well orh, can rmb things which happened 7 mths ago. LOL! anw, i still kept e ticket till now!!~ i guess other ppl de long ago gone, ahas. ^^

6pm – 1003 DJs Ken & Ke Min start talking, ask us to shout when they say idols’ name, show e乐人气 (most popular) results. lol, Show Luo v loud

6.10pm – Wise-up (sg male group… I nv heard b4) – 背叛 (original by Gary Chaw), duno y feel lik laughing.

6.16pm – chao ran (female) *duno if hear name right* - 如果你也听说 (original by A-mei)

6.22pm show 最佳 (best) awards

6.24pm fei4 luo4 men2 (sg female group) – superstar (original by SHE). solo quite weak, tgt sing strong. 2 other songs. 1st is “hello microphone”.

Awards. shows movies, best magazine cover, best news, omy blog.
活力K歌组合 – Energy (this is the award I missed out when heard on 1 Mar. know Energy won for sth but didn’t hear e award title) woots.

6.36pm – guy frm tw, lol duno who. newcomer la. 左光平said will release e album in sg soon. song: 心里有鬼. in tw, 创作 with sodagreen. 1 more song “hai ge”. say got to do with weather. Think lik this sg better. hmm, not bad-looking bah?

2 girls from funkiemonkies – 我要快乐 (original by A-mei)

a guy sing 擦肩而过 (original by Sam Lee). many mistakes n 走音, funny. I sang along almost throughout.

Sg artistes including qiu yi lin, tao nao pai, ye geng hong - sing many old songs. hold paper musical instrument.. finally real singers feeling. but dun lik e songs =/ except some familiar ones

7.05pm – 1003 djs talk. say real party starting. said xiaozhu, shouts. I only smile didn’t shout.

(for e abv few singers except some are sg students of the 李思菘 company. sth lik this)

Show e sponsors.

7.09pm – Throw big balloons frm top, I manage to touch a little [ha, not a big matter]

7.13pm – many (from our green side) sdnly charge to middle yellow side. we followed. nearer to e left screen bt cant c much of stage

after a while, a girl asked us, those with green bands, to move back to green zone. this yellow zone is for those who bought e tickets. if afterwards they are still empty, will ask us to go back. we all did it unwillingly -_- but somehow I think at green zone, can see much better

Guys, get ready! *scream* 尖叫声~
[to those reading my blog now] xP

(4 1003 Djs. now plus 2 others: Ling Zhi & xiao zhu [not show luo])
Invite guests out… red carpet~ 红地毯~
drive motorbikes. wow, cool~

1. Wu Jia Hui, Olivia Ong, Zhuo Guang Ping

2. Ang Mo Pai (Huang Yun Ren, Lin Qi Yu, n others), Gong Shi Jia

3. Royston (director), Chou Pi Jiang (band). Royston joked, they get together named “la jiao jiang” (chilli sauce) LOL.

4. Shi Xin Hui, Derrick Hoh, Joi Chua. Derrick said about his 2 师姐…

5. Energy

6. Raymond Lam (HK artiste). wow popular~ screams…

7. JJ Lin. “不潮不用花钱”music played out loud, n he danced. lol. n he oso performed e basics of beatbox . woots, how special his 出场 is.

8. Stefanie Sun, n budak puntai (band)

9. Xiao zhu, all got so high! Screams evywhere. think a lot (I duno jus e staff or fans) went down to take pics of him. duno what happened at there, maybe too crowded, too long to go on stage. well he’s not facing e front. aiyo ah. only can see his side from e screen. one person stood there, n totally blocked xiaozhu. then a person pushed him down. LOL.

on e stage: 1st time attending SG’s award ceremony? he said yes after hesitating for a while (actually he attended one b4, 红星大奖Star Awards, but then not singer award ceremony or him getting awards la… n that time was a funny one!) in other award ceremonies, is walk 1, this time ride motorbike. He said “very special”. 秀出他的英文!哈哈~ many laugh n scream, including me, hehe. walk wrong way (to go down e stage) lol, nice turn round…

(eh, how come I write specially much on Show’s 出场!?)

《新加坡e乐大赏》红地毯片段 (Link)

eh? there’s more who hvn come out yet, lik Cheer Chen & Aska Yang.
Every group of artistes got his/her/their own fans la. *screams*
I only dare to “woo”, no courage to real scream.

Those I find 帅 during this 出场~~ Derrick, Energy, JJ. ^^ dun be surprised I didn’t mention Xiaozhu… but I got “woo” for him la. =) for Lin Feng, I think he look nicer on tv. oso got “woo” for him I think. =]

Real start. shows a video of artistes saying “e乐大赏 亚洲娱乐 独e无二”. got Jay Chou, SHE, JJ, *duno hu*, Fish Leong, Kelly Poon, duno hu, Mayday (without Guan You. omg, A Xin!!! xP). *shouts thruout*


(by that time abt 7.43pm)

once again, shows all e awards results. *screams*

ok, get ready for 1st performance. =)

Awarded trophy for “e乐传媒推荐本地新人” – Derrick Hoh 何维健 (yay I guess it correctly that winner for this award will be him. but then, no one else eligible bah o.O)
Perform. He ask then e trophy how? lol. someone took it from him… 无法归类. Kp looking at his fc. 咬字.
yo, I think this time e song “咬字” not as high as his performance at css3… though that time didn’t go live, only watch from tv, but think tt time is higher.

Shi Xin Hui’s turn to perform. 无能为力. Wow big difference among audience with her n Derrick’s performance. but e 高音 n 拉长 part (飙声音) gains applause. Say other than singing, still got acting. Talk about her role in e drama “tian leng jiu hui lai” as a female ghost…

(by that time abt 8.03pm)

Chou pi jiang talking. 出道10yrs alrdy. New song “就是现在”. rap 1st, sort of 即兴 abt e-awards. cool~ then their real song which’s rock type, coz band. Invite director Royston. screen shows 881 (movie) image. End with a line: Support local movies n music. Interview Royston. He 自high for duno wad, we laugh. *cold*

(by that time abt 8.15pm)

tt tw guy… who’s related to sodagreen’s Qing Feng. same sec sch or sth… Sang “xiao qing ge” (original by Sodagreen… wah luckily not Sodagreen’s live performance… coz I scared of QF’s voice… =$). Sort of 模仿 QF’s voice. Sang “不能说的秘密” (original by Jay Chou in the movie 《不能说的秘密》). Weird lik sing wrong lyrics or tune is wrong, mayb music’s fault. I sort of 4gt hw to sing too, n lyrics. think his singing not v strong yet. Lastly sang “无乐不作” (original by Van Fan in e movie 《海角7 号》) 他唱的好像没有比范逸臣来的吃力… but atmosphere not high enuf. *I “woo” for last 2 songs (bnsdmm & wlbz)*

(by that time abt 8.21pm)

Awarded “e乐最佳本地导演&电影”。Tang Yong Jian. movie: 女佣、第一戒 (winning award).

DJ hum (or ‘lalala’) a few tv 连续剧theme songs, ask e other DJ to guess e drama……

Invite Ang Mo Pai & Gong Shi Jia. Funny & lame (I 4gt y I wrote this n wad happened alrdy… think e 主唱 of Ang Mo Pai talking v funny bah…) then GSJ sing, chorus is familiar (but I duno title). Another song. Bye.

Ang Mo Pai – 专属天使 (original by Tank). their own style. aha, we 3 sang along!~~
Lin Qi Yu sang “拭目以待” (sg tv drama “未来不是梦” theme song) while piano-ing. omg!!! shuai too xD Josephine said he look lik A Xin, lol. dun think so bah. when start singing the song I find it familiar, but not sure if itz this song… until e chorus. I think live version is better than heard on tv.
Wu Jiahui sang “空缺”. I sang along~ eh, how come it seems lik only I know how to sing? lol. woo quite high. then sang “虽然我愿意” *woo* (more quiet song, I less daring to sing).

Wu Jiahui awarded 最佳作曲 for “虽然我愿意”. he mentioned about thanking Xiaohan n funkiemonkies. mentioning of Xiaohan, invited her (oo she really got come, jus now I tot I saw her, not sure if itz her though)… awarded 作词 for “同花顺”~ she said she 涅一把冷汗for wu jiahui (performance) coz he’s not feeling well.

(by that time abt 8.47pm)

We can see outside e backstage / make-up room alrdy stood Energy. So Josephine & I guessed it’s their performance next, I said hope they will sing “tian sheng fan gu” & Jose said she guess they will sing this song too. but then turned out next was not Energy’s turn. we 2 looked at each other when e djs say next person pro, being to Japan, etc. then we knew itz Olivia Ong liao. oh gosh, she sure will sing “如燕” (sg big drama production《小娘惹》theme song). I'm scared of it. lol ^^

invite Olivia ong, 如燕. yew. think breathe at wrong time.

mention abt 港剧. screams. invite linfeng. said abt 流汗, he say guy dj wear lik this oc hot. dj said inside is transparent. then linfeng open e flap. lol. saying shld he speak 国语 or 广东. speak广东话, dun uds! awarded omy 网络红人. fav 港剧演员.

(by that time abt 8.57pm)

told us to stand up coz got 4 guys, energy. Sang song “Come on”. not high enuf. 放手. somehow think ah di’s singing best. talking, kun da most shouts. 另类人生. awards. ah di said 感动. though got many changes, many still support.

turn to bhind. to SHE fans. awarded “omy最佳线上fan club”. shouted their 口号

(by that time abt 9.14pm)

invite liang zhi qiang. xiao zuo ming giv award to lzq “e乐杰出贡献奖 (电影)”
support local movies, not only his

screen: guo fu cheng. got his talking. 30/5 concert in sg. 450degree. preview of his concert shown on screen. wow cool, standing on sth which can move. arrow then fireworks. 对你爱不完. applause

(by that time abt 9.21pm)

invite chen qi zhen. eyes kp closed, guitar. another female violin. talk abt e sgs dun uds. new sg “下个星期去英国”. claps. djs say wana hear ‘鱼’. she 清唱. awarded 作词海外奖. tok abt her concert. 1st time getting award in sg.

(by that time abt 9.31pm)

tok abt tw competition lik 星光大道. with or w/o onion, he easily to cry. welcome yang zong wei. 洋葱. 大家一起来. 三层哦. laugh. awarded. 感谢 mayday’s 阿信. Woo (I woo-ed)~ invite a 颁奖人. “e乐传媒推荐海外新人”
-- omg, 洋葱live!

(by that time abt 9.41pm)

jj 不潮不用花钱, 4 girl dancers. take balloon from fan. a lot of talking. ask us to show our 热情. scream for 5s. concert. tix sold finish? who no money, tell him, he’ll help.( I want‼! ha, as if!) 小酒窝. said a pity a-sa not here, ask us to be his a-sa. awarded. Said he’s 努力当中. hope we’ll cont to support him. he thx fans who choose this sg n a-sa. he say so fast who says sg e yu shi chang nt big.

(by that time abt 9.57pm)

wu qing long 吴庆隆 – lao shi. sg’s 幕后/ sg 骄傲. show preview of concerts. leehom (kiss gdbye) [we 3 were singing jus a little when it changed screen :@], tao ze, Jackie, a-mei. invite him play piano. kiss goodbye, stefanie’s 雨天

invite joi chua. wql cont play piano. sg: piano 钢琴 (original by Van Fan). cont “有一天我会”. invite jj again. Omg~ 不懂. change costume. jj took guitar, woo. familiar sg. sing chorus then noe “baby baby”. he point gd sign, shake hand with wql.

wql nervous. 华语 nt gd, 广东语更烂. mr Michael yap awarded “e乐杰出贡献奖 (音乐)”. speak English.

(by that time abt 10.14pm)

budak puntai. (Acapella) e person miss e red carpet so punish him make him say more. coz he ate dinner with family n 4gt time. *aiyo* y gt this idea of forming this grp, he said in hokkien cz nth to do. LOL. no la, cz chnl 5.. funny!! said mind young bt e hair aiya nvm. sgs. sdnly presentin Stefanie sun in music. dun uds until she came out. sing with e band. weird. Seems lik she wana laugh but didn’t laugh out.

(by that time abt 10.23pm)

ask Stefanie to remain on stage. e band smhw at a loss. awarded. she kp saying eh. then lemme think a while. coz she v lg time didn’t come out. [很久没现身表演]

(by that time abt 10.26pm)

a lot of talking b4 xiaozhu being invited on stage. talking. saying his fans so bhind, not xi guan or sth. awarded, said he gt many awards except sg’s. any place to put e 2 awards? bring 抒情歌曲 “搞笑” 1st. when fans kp screaming, ask us to save our voices 1st, cz next song then “scream-ish”. said he’s nervous duno y. can c tt when he’s singing smhw trembling.
performance be lik in tw, bring 6 dancers. 个中强手!
awarded another award, he’s so happy. “e乐传媒推荐全方位艺人”. again, say any place to put e trophy? said when he jus nw 1st song fans shout, he 紧张 coz hvn next sg.

Ended abt 10.46pm

Walking back to mrt station~ duno y i jus couldnt stop praising (to Josephine) mayday (for their open concert in Jan)... it's lik jus e few of them can make e whole atmosphere so high, but today's event so many celebs yet not as high. lol~
also i rmb there's a song kept in my mind after e event while walking... shld be Show's or Derrick's, i think. Ya, shld be Derrick's 无法归类! "我就是无法归类 我就是自成一类......"

Went washroom at the city hall shopping centre there. quite alot of ppl. then my pants de string got entangled, taking me much more time LOL. Then Josephine went to take taxi i think. Walked to mrt station. I asked JQ if she did regret coming, she said no la. then we separated since taking different train lines de.

in the train, no seat for me! :@
Actually all e abv msgs r typed by me during the event~ others are busily taking videos/pictures, im busily taking down notes using hp. -.-
For Show's part, I typed it only in mrt... Since he was last performer, I jus stood and (tried to) enjoy n screamed le... =x

ok jus about this.

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