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JJ World Tour 2009 Autograph Session
Saturday, February 14, 2009 / 11:59 PM

done on: 22 June 09
some pics n post published on 20/9/09

Details of event: 14 Feb 2009 at Jurong Point at 6pm(Valentine’s Day~ sweet!)

Another place is at Northpoint at 2pm on the same day, of coz I went to e one nearer to mine, which is at JP~ juz abt 20min bus ride.

I still rmb when I 1st know he will be having a/s in JP, uncfmed & duno e date, was on a Friday.

Dun haf concert ticket for him to sign, juz 凑凑热闹 =P =
that time was the exam period somemore! but so wasted if I dun go, coz so near my place. I dun study, anyway~ hmm, I brought my dbms textbk to read in e library b4 e event, depending on the situation. I went there few hours earlier… on the bus, I received my on9 fren, Josephine’s sms, asking me if she could join me. I said of coz can~ I'm quite surprised coz she said she’s attending the one in NP. at 1st we are meeting, then not meeting coz she n her frens went NP de, so I went alone. now I got company again :D she with her fren. 1st time meeting Josephine, but 2nd time meeting on9 fren~~

when I reached there, I see there’s another activity going on, couples thingy, since it’s Valentine’s. not wanting to watch, I went to the library. on e way, still inside the shopping centre, met my sec sch fren Caroline. I'm on the way to there, while she jus came back from there. ahem. I didn’t tell her that I came here is for JJ’s a/s actually (she's oso not zhui xing type)… we chatted for a while, about sch n stuff, since she JC n me Poly. she said she’s slacking a lot as well. she then mentioned that our fren Jenni would be celebrating her bday the next day in Jenni’s house. Caroline asked me if I want to come along, but I keep insisting no, she then said dun wan to force me… halfway, I received Josephine’s sms again, then I kept fidgeting. we parted after a while, perhaps chatted for 10min? not sure... actually I dun wan to talk. =x she English-speaking de, n my English not good.

I then smsed Josephine about e situation, asking her to sms me when she arrived here. went to lib lvl 3 to read my textbk. so sian… kept yawning n wanting to fall aslp. well, cant concentrate, n kept looking at hp for msg. then finally got a msg, I then “packed bag” n went out le, staying outside lvl 3 to wait for Josephine. duno how she looks lik, so jus looking arnd at e staircase n lift, but no sign of anyone looking for ppl de. after 15-20min later, still no one, I then smsed her, she said she alrdy at lvl 3 inside lib, but I jus couldn’t see anybody. *frantic*when use call de, oso no luck. then she finally said she will go jp to help me cop place 1st ^__^ I began to walk to jp le.

e earlier event not yet ended, so I jus stood there to watch it for a while. when it ended, e person said later at 6, there will be …… JJ Lin!!! then ppl started to scream, I jus smiled, mind v happy :D some staff put down a big piece of thingy on the floor, JJ de. I tot it’s a carpet, later then know it’s the banner to put on e “wall”. I began to step forward n stood there le. it was at arnd 4+pm bah. haf to keep standing till it starts at 6 or later =o jus staring~~

e place I stood… shld be quite a good view. wont be blocked by anyone bah. coz e middle there is the escalator~

while at there…
- a girl (shorter than me) stood in front in of / bside me, well I didn’t say anything abt it (her cutting queue)… she then began to ask me if I have bought JJ concert ticket. I said no, n she too, only凑凑热闹. then oso started to talk about other things le. She’s from China (I ask this stupid qn lol). Age (she’s 4 years old older than me, she said 看不出, meaning I look older!? well, I said that myself). we linked to talking abt皮肤. QQ or MSN…

- met Pei Shan (JY’s sister), she said huh!? u wan to see ah? siao, wait so long. ^^

- continued smsing Josephine. lol, she kept replying short answers, n I oso duno how to look for her. once, I tot I saw her (anyhow judge ppl), then I ask her if she was bside a guy wearing yellow shirt, she said not. lol. then finally I said think dun wan to meet le bah. (I'm alrdy in gd spot, if I go off, later no space liao) but still I kept on the lookout for her throughout though…

A person from JJFC said only those with concert tickets can queue… but I didn’t budge. actually the place I stood (right side) wont get affected, the other side then is for those who have tickets. lucky I stood at correct place~

Songs played aloud are (in order): mu nai yi, jian jian dan dan, yi qian nian yi hou, sarangheyo zhi dui ni shuo, jiang nan, dou jiang you tiao (cut), dong jie hui you na me yi tian, xiao jiu wo zui chi bi (behind part), wo hai xiang ta, dong jie, hui you na me yi tian, xiao jiu wo, zui chi bi, wo hai xiang ta (half)

木乃伊,简简单单,一千年以后,Sarangheyo 只对你说,江南,豆浆油条 half,冻结 会有那么一天,小酒窝 醉赤壁 behind part,我还想她,冻结,会有那么一天,小酒窝, 醉赤壁,我还想她 (half)

5.40pm- Ma Li (933 DJ) talk, only those with tic can queue and get on stage to get JJ’s autograph.

When song about to end, Ma Li talk. omg, funny. ask FC ppl at e back of e queue to raise up hands to get in front. Kindly say excuse me, sing da zui ba’s song “jie guo leh”. LOL.

When the songs are being played, I’m thinking, if only I’m in kbox now, singing these songs by JJ. coz at that time, my wish to sing many of JJ’s songs in kbox not fulfilled yet~ oso thinking it will be good if I’m at Mayday’s open concert where I can sing e songs out loud tgt with e other fans.
another thinking is: eh y didn’t play those songs in the album “Sixology”, but more of his old songs… then I rmbed this is concert ticket a/s, not his album a/s, lol. ^__^

LOL, I saw Pei Shan, who came up on the escalator, again. n JJ hvn come yet~

hmmm, another thing, I 4gt is b4 or after JJ comes… Josephine smsed me, saying she wans to buy e concert tickets later, n will help me buy, asking me to help her queue. LOL, my 1st reaction is “Are u mad!?” wana buy tix for me. replied her this. she said she’s not… n I can jus keep the ticket mah. but in e end, I still say I dun wan la. honestly, at that time, I really 4gt that I need to pay her back e money someday de. LOL~ ^^ but still I won’t have money la… so reject lo, though I wana go to his concert of coz! hmm, I told her I will help her queue when JJ starts signing~

JJ’s arrival
When Ma Li said “let’s welcome JJ 林俊杰!”, I jus couldn’t see anyone! m I jus short, or he’s being blocked by fans? :D well, screams n applause shld v loud bah (I can’t rmb!). but my side is all quiet… here comes his voice!~ yip yip! great intro. lols. ^^ haha, erm, his face seemed v happy. [ahem, I rly cant rmb wad happened]

- He sang “我还想她”~ I jus sang along. one time when he looks at my direction, I didn’t do anything lol. if I wave hands (frantically), he might wave back lol. so he jus see my mouth moving? xP think so much, he might not have notice me at all. lol =/ ahaha, nice song~ =)
gosh, someone gave him a bear bear present~



- He sang “小酒窝” with e lucky fan, who won this “permission”, a chey, she’s oso from FC de… maybe I cant see well, e girl didn’t smile at all de. she said she v nervous haha~ then JJ held her hand/little finger! oohs n ahhs~ :D Jealous la!



- ooh ya, e situation at the escalator there is sort of dangerous n scary! too many ppl blocking! then there's a baby pram........... :O

- of coz talk abt his concert. would be different from the previous one. will be v special. saying lik… 即使东西/人不在那里,你会仿佛看到真东西/真人一样 (hmm hope I get e correct meaning lol) oso ask him if will 露 lol. 6 packs? :D then Ma Li mention abt e news of JJ & 刘耕宏~
then oso talk abt e guests and e 模仿 thingy. that time still hvn disclose de guests bah?... shld be =x he did some funny actions, lik act lik phoning 张学友 n duno who~ I think he did this b4 he sang “我还想她”, then after e song, JJ said 张学友 is not free to attend e concert. lol~ hmm I 4gt if he did模仿 some ppl. =x

Here’s an example… He at NP.

Starts signing…


~Took off 外套~

ok, smsing with Josephine again. she’s going to sistic (oasis lounge @ lvl 3). I asked her if I mus start queueing. she said meet her at lvl 3. then I went up le. Not really sure whether it’s that place, just stood there while waiting for her. her reply was that she’s also lost too. *gosh la, short answers again, at a loss* after a while started to look for her, think we were on the phone liao. many ppl… finally saw someone, duno it’s telepathy or what (since we hv not met b4), we sort of know it’s each other. I made by asking whether she’s Josephine. then really it’s her. hahaha~

at that time, I spotted someone else! it’s Hui Min~ lol. sort of surprised but no time to even say a word. she wore make-up! wahas. I then brought Josephine to the Oasis Lounge, not 100% sure that it’s the place where we can buy the ticket. Ok, it turned out right. She will be buying 2 tickets, 1 for herself n 1 for her fren. She said me lo, oso dun wan her to help me buy 1. I repeated aiya dun wan la… she mentioned that eh, 1 person can only get one signature rite? Then she asked me if I can help her with one ticket, haha of coz ok la.

As we talked, a female came in and asked us whether it’s the place to buy e concert tickets. We said ya, n think we talked a little, mostly between her n Josephine. She had jus arrived here in sg, then she heard abt this a/s. she asked abt how many tickets are we buying… then we said 2. After a while, she ask if we can give her a ticket to let jj to sign. She said coz she’s sure she wont have time to go to the concert, she only wanted to get photos. (diao, she’s willing to spend so much jus to get photos!? *Mad*) then Josephine said ok lo. She thanked us.

Ok turn to order the tickets. Ok 2 tickets, $78 each de. Asked which seats she wanted, then she asked some qns, I think in the end, asked e person to randomly choose the seats. Ok finally paid for and done. Hurry up! Think a/s ending liao~~ I walked in front of them down the escalator. When they were down, she (e other female) asked me if I’m alright to let her go up n get his signature while I help her to take the photos. Well, I couldn’t say cannot or I dun let rite? Then jus say ok. Mind thinking, haiz *cant get on stage to see JJ n shake his hands liao* Gah!

Then they “rushed” in front and queued up. *think no more queue actually* wah, Josephine still asked me to help her put the bandage on her hand, think she still hvn recovered fully yet. *my mind was thinking of another reason, ahem* I sort of duno how lol. Also e female told me no need le, she can take the photos. Argh, felt extra then! N she went up the stage. When I was done with put the bandage on Josephine’s hand, host Ma Li sdnly said the last one (to get signature) omg, scare me sia. I tot Josephine couldn’t get his signature liao. Lucky in the end still can.


After that I then went to look for both of them on the left side. I could only see e other female. She said she had been looking for us, asked me to pass the ticket to Josephine as she could not find her. Oh ok. Hmm, then I asked her if she could send me the photos, she said not clear but I said nvm. Then she asked how. I said get each other’s hp no., I later than sms her my email so that she can send to. Ok done. Think a while Josephine looked for us le. Ok e female kept thanking us -_- then went off.

Wait, I 4gt abt JJ, he said a short speech then made his way off…
Josephine and I stayed back to take photos (only of “fake JJ”). Of coz there were some others too. The poster still hanged on the stage not yet removed. Lol, e staff kept blocking ppl, then ppl asked him to excuse… hmmm, then in front the table not removed, so quite diffi to get good photos. There was a couple, then asked me/us to help her capture them while they stood (down the stage) lol, lik kept blocking JJ (poster). Asked them go left then right, then finally settled. Asked us whether we want to take as well, n they helped us, then we said no need. Then we only took JJ on the poster… I also took out my almost useless hp to take some. Hmm, oso cant transfer to laptop or do what, so jus took for fun. (Anw, I set it as wallpaper of hp for quite some time. Other photos not used de, I oso cant bear to delete, so jus left it in hp. Well n now hp not working, so…)

Ok then we finally went out of JP, talked while walking la. Ok then she wanted to go to causeway point to queue up for the next event (ToGetHer – Jiro Wang, Rainie Yang, George Hu) which is actually 1 week away! Oh well, I'm not v sure that there were really ppl queuing up overnight for the event le… wadeva. She asked me whether I know how to get there. Well, in e end, she said she’ll take taxi. Hmmm ok, n I went to take my bus to go home le. Think was quite late alrdy, reaching 9pm or later *I cant rmb by now* while on the bus, I smsed the female my email, and she said she’ll send them asap, oso thanked us again. Lol. Then I kept staring at the photos I took. Hahs. but of coz not nice de.

Ok, that was my Valentine’s Day~ How special :D
Actually not feeling extremely happy though, since I’ve gained nth.

*> 1 month later*
Ok, but little did I expect that at last I was able to go to the concert (n got the signature)! His concert was on 28 Mar mahx. Then next day 29 Mar, there’s FLH a/s. Josephine wanted to queue for FLH’s event, so didnt want to go to the concert alrdy. She’s willing to give me the ticket free (1 for me, n e other can give Maleena) 算是我先开口的,asked her… since she’s not going, oso waste tickets, y dun give me free?~~ hahs. =$

Lin Jun Jie imitate Ah Du's voice

Wow, long blog again. I’ve finally completed one owed blog! :D actually half done for quite a long time alrdy. Jus lazy to continue. If u want to do things, better do it at one go, if not u’ll be lazy de. At least for me~~ ^^

been more than 4 months but still can rmb evything - b4 n aft event, not much on during.

those sent by e girl who wanted to buy concert tix for photos... really too dark, not clear n all.
this too, but...看他签名时多认真!:D

waha, what a big close up!! deep deep dimples~~ *pokes*!

Others are not rly worth to upload, but..well..anw, i've made collages...

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