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Mayday’s autograph session
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 / 4:12 PM

Opps, sry ^^ owe this blog for so so so long =.-
Well, in ur mind, u might be saying "I dun even care!"

This blog is about how my 5 Jan 09 day went.
After Sch Event: Mayday’s autograph session (《后青春期的诗》签名会) at The Central (Clarke Quay) on 5 Jan 2009 ~ Yeah, managed to go! =]

Before I start, here are the YouTube videos of the autograph session! ~ =)
u can watch them then go off... coz i didnt say much about e actual a/s~ ^^

PART 1 – BEFORE signing

PART 2 – AFTER signing

Now that u've seen the videos, u have 2 choices.
1) Thanks for viewing. Bye. *sends u off*
2) Read on. =)

(at that time) The concert was alrdy over. 虽然心平静下来了,但还是很兴奋~ shld be still sleepy on this day, since slpt late at night~ by morning and aftnn, still duno if able to go to md’s a/s. (coz of mum) brought e album to school of coz, made sure the entry pass was inside! I have 2 albums in my bag, coz 1 is my fren’s. Hers dun have entry pass…

when reached dover, still got quite some time, I walked slowly to classrm bah. saw guy classmate bhind me, who likes mayday but did not manage to get e concert tic…… wana tell him tt ytd’s concert was high, etc. tried to slow down my pace, but aiya, weird. think dun dare open mouth to talk to him too, so gave up, didn’t say anything le. when reached classrm, fren was outside alrdy… think waited a while b4 tutor arrived… then normal lesson…

at 2nd lesson… oh ya hor, 2dae hao xiang needed to take class photos. sighs! dun like… lesson……

after that will be 2h break before MOB lesson. abt 20mins before it, we went to take e class photos. waited for quite some time. meanwhile, trying to read my mob notes n dozing off… then rmbed to sms mum… I said I wana go to the autograph session, asked her how, whether she gona meet me, etc. oso write in sms that will be taking class photo soon, n that surely so ugly (me)…
coz hair tied, sure look lik tired…

her reply was funny as usual. sth lik this: “dun worry, be happy. I’ll go with u. SMILE, treat it that u are taking photo for ur ou xiang n u are giving him e photo.” oh lols, buhaha~ laugh at her msg (2nd part)… oh yay, can go to md’s a/s!!! hehes. told her might be dismissed late, her reply started with “dun worry, be happy” again… n said she will wait until I come. yippee! ;)

finally our turn to take photo… but hor, haf to wait for personal tutor… went to sit n arrange ourselves le. girls in frnt of coz. since they all dun like me, I duno where to sit. lucky my fren went to sit bside the last girl… so among e girls, I'm last person. I guess 正在动手动脚的男生在推来推去谁坐我的后面吧!I rly dun uds y whole class so dislike me, haiz! WHATEVER~~ class rep went to find tutor, but he in lesson, so didn’t come. ahhh wasted time. alrdy cut into our mob lsn le! e mob tutor sure scold…

SNAP~ hmmm did I smile!? well, 1 formal, 1 informal. think my pose the same, lol. then asked who wana buy e photos, duh, 我才不要!… reaction was not good, then asked who wanted year book. hmmm no one rejected, aiya, then I anything la. but $8……… e person told us can decide some other day, no need to decide by today..

oh ok. rushed to mob lsn. alrdy late for abt 15-20 min bah. alamak, thinking ltr sure haf to be dismissed slightly later… cher was outside, even came to where the stairs are! she said she tot we have 4gtten abt e lesson. i said "take class photos", then she said "no one told her!"

then continued lsn. had some discussion on what to do coz we were lack of time (no. of weeks).

Well, we were to supposed to be playing a game called Battlewords 'today', so didnt do e tutorial, thatz supposed to be discussed on thurs. well, in e end, we decided to carry on with e game today, and go thru 2 tutorials on thurs.

time to separate into groups again. GRRRR! again, no one wana group with we 2. no mood to play too. my fren told e tutor that she dun wana play..... she (tutor) tot of beg her (my fren), "play la, v fun de"...
She insisted of not playing. in e end, teacher anyhw put me in a guy group, n asked my fren to help her to record the points on e board. aizz...

hmmm, e game okok la. let's skip it.....

wow in e end, ended much earlier than b4... 4sth pm.
after being released, went to meet mum at mrt station. she hadnt arrived, so waited for quite a long time!! *meeting, travelling & reaching* she brought me bread from FourLeaves~ ^^

after reached e mrt station Clarke Quay, duno which way to turn to, for there are 2 ways pointing to “The Central”. so out I took out e entry pass inside the album again… oh right side. walk walk walk. omg, like in a maze, left n right, still can’t find e place. there are also some shops not opened yet, e mall still new bah. then opps, reached last corner alrdy. just then a lady, upon hearing what mum n I said, told us that e place is upstairs, so we went up e escalator. then yay! finally gotten e right place, n I could somehow see e mayday stage thingy.

there were many different parts of crowds queueing (sitting), n i duno which part to join... well, i thinking eat finish e bread 1st, in case cannot eat inside (barrier)... then well, aft a while sat in, b4 i finished e bread. we went to last part de, then is showed e guard e entry pass i have. then he said go in front. woooo! all e better~~

so i sat in. aww cant see e stage, but at least around me still got much space to sit, not squeezy. so when i settled down, it was arnd 5.55pm. then i sent CY a msg...

5 Jan 5.55pm:
To Chuying: Reporter Li hui here.
Hey, im waiting at here le. Mum brought me here. Juz nw cant find e place.. Oo, I tot is outdoor de. Lucky got aircon n place to sit. Bt cant c stage. Yay they playin e album~ bt cant sing. Duno have to wait 4 how long, sure late start.. Nw alone. Playin “trhxn”~

n so, as u see above... i duno it's an air-conditioned place. n playing e HQCQDS album... but cant sing out loud. if only it was previous day's concert, can sing n get HigH!~ staff giving away packets of IMPACT sweets. after 5mins, i sat down there (abt e middle crowd), nth to do... so bored. after sitting down, staff giving more packets of e sweets again. =/ i pass to bhind de ppl, they also dun wan. so i kept them then... omg, got abt 11 packets liao la. i cont eating e bread...

mum had gone off obviously, still in e shopping centre la. then i smsed her, asking her to bring me my laptop... she said she at lvl 2 so i looked up. LOL. then she came dw with my laptop bag hehe. i jus on it, grrr, dun haf wireless, so jus use e microsoft word... to type prev day de "blog" on e concert.

within minutes, haf to stand up le. OH MY GOSH!! got up in a hurry, hands so busy. grrr. not enuf time to off e laptop yet. finally got it into my bag. so we stood le. if i had known earlier, i shld haf jus sat down there, wait patiently, n not ask mum to get laptop for me =/ mum smsed me, asking me if wan give her my laptop bag, n saying she's at e same lvl with me, e left side. i duno y i looked up at e 2nd lvl... stupid me. then finally looked at correct direction on my left at same lvl... -_- im considered at e middle nearer to e right side, then i squeezed towards my left n passed it to my mum. omg, xin ku ah. then went back to my place... lucky still got space to stand. *ppl staring at me*

stood there while waiting... nth to do. stare n stare. after a while, i heard ppl bhind me saying "933" n "mayday". my reaction is........ omg! *faster took out my mini radio* i 4gt abt their interview on 933! gosh!! then when i listened to it, alrdy halfway. n i couldnt pay attention luh! cannot hear. again, smsed CY...

5 Jan 6.27pm:
To Chuying: Die! I 4gt abt their interview on 933 at 6pm. ;(
now I heard ppl say 933, i then exclaimed in my heart. Nw listen, think halfway liao. U gt?
Nw standing. Cant c le!

jus WAIT x3... 933 DJ Peifen began to speak. Now sign lyrics book. WAH heng ah, i brought it, still inside e album. wondering if any1 didnt bring, wasted time le. asked us to practise SCREAMING when mayday comes. (did we? i 4gt)
then Mayday (without Guan You la) came!!! *screams*

greetings & speaking... i cant hear them speak. possible reasons: voices too low, my ears werent good, i stood too far behind, screams r too loud. o.O just watch e video!!~ wah..3 lucky fans got to take photos with Mayday! starts signing. as seen in e video, PF said that they were rather quiet and asked them to talk more. Masa even asked us to only have one choice, whether wan them to talk or sign. hahas.
actually 这一切我都没印象, 当时也真的听不到...

*rest are written in DEC '09 xD except those smses*
words n no pics? here're some~ :P [ not taken by me. i dun take any photos / videos ]

^ that Masa u see isnt real person orh!

... ... my turn soon. *scared* 能握到天团的手耶!:P
i wish e person-in-charge wont take e entry pass. ahhhh!! he really took it! regreted not scanning into com, it's really v nice. =/
from left to right: Masa, Stone, Monster, Ashin! [i think Monster smiles the most n widest.

on stage. Masa: 你好! Me: 你好! ;D omg, his eyes!!!
others i cant rmb. idk, perhaps the 1st one most memorable.
yea, mayb im biased, i said 加油 to Ashin only. HE NODDED! [I'm damn happy about this for days! ;D] but then he didnt smile n i sensed that he didnt rly lik me. o.O hmmm, mayb he/they r too tired from last night. i guess n i hope! got down e stage. still nervous. argh, so fast, i want to see more of them. went to find Mum at e back. [i 4gt if she said it at there on that day, or some day after. she said, they are not good-looking, except e one on the furthest right. that's Ashin. oh lol, N.O.]

washroom, aft that, i then off my laptop. mum was shocked i didnt switch it off jus nw. lol. walked to e exit, i was trying my best to look for some space to look at mayday. but too many ppl's blocking at that upper lvl. haiz, gave up. smsed CY.

5 Jan 7.56pm:
To Chuying: Aww, ok. Yoohoo, my turn juz over~ yay~ cant c much of them. Left e place le. As in not e same lvl. Wow, stil gt lots of ppl. Guai Shou m0st 'smiley' de~

mrt home. all seats occupied, had to stand. n then ... saw someone holding e newspaper. at e back, damn big words "五月天狮城飙唱会 粉丝太High声浪太大 惊动警察到场" [ i didnt rmb e title, i found e article on omy.sg which i saved ] excited as i told mum abt it. later go buy the newspp. xD
smsed cy again~
5 Jan 8:17pm:
To Chuying: So u read newspapers abt ytd concert le mah? Tink 2dae de wan bao..
I nw in mrt, c ppl hold de newspp..
Read e big words. High till police came! I ytd duno tis.

she said she jus tagged me on my blog abt this. oh lol.
reached boon lay station. off to buy it. hahs. on bus, read it. getting excited. i think im too high. i spoke too loud to mum who was on the other side. omg. plus uh, im actually seated facing most of e passengers! -_- and then i rmb one of my frens was in e bus as well. lol, dun care.
Tot of smsing cy once again. must have find me irritating ^^
5 Jan 8:54pm:
To Chuying: It’s me again~ Te di wei le md buy wan bao, ha. Nw on bus read word for word le. Happy n sad wor. Ytd also lik tis.
My blog wont b as interesting as news. HA!

reached home, still kinda high i guess. i still kept e newspp till now [11 mths later] but didnt touch it for long. didnt stare at e big Ashin pic there as well. ;x

Tada~ Autographs on lyrics book. know which is whose? srsly i duno ;x!!

n of coz, still treat that album as precious! xD still on table since last yr. 4 jan concert tix still inside. e phone ringtones thingy as well. ok end of blog. yays! :D

ooh ya, back to e 2 videos. e 1st part ... of coz i was there, but couldnt hear what they spoke. 2nd part... of coz i wasnt there alrdy. they look more happy aft signing! sighs, i missed it. cant see his/their smiles. so funny lor. wont fail to laugh each time i watch.

memories from this a/s... e many packets of impact sweets? Ashin nodded - when i said jia you to him? lol.
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